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There Is Something Odd About This Real Estate Listing…What In The World?!


House hunting is a stressful experience to say the very least. Never mind the actual process of buying when you’ve found a place you love. Most people take ages just to get to that point. Sure, it’s still a buyer’s market out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find your dream home. Usually, you have to settle or compromise on some fronts.

Take, for example, the house in the photos below. It’s listed for sale in the town of Spring, Texas. For just $199,999, you get four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and one half bathroom. Not to mention it’s right near the new Grand Parkway, I-45, and Hardy. So what’s not to love?

Looks like a pretty great home to me, but wait until you get a little closer.

What the…?! This is an actual photo from the real estate website, people. Why is there a person wearing a panda suit just sitting there?

In the entryway, there’s the panda bear again.

The dining room looks lovely…I think.

A kitchen so big, it can fit a panda!

Love those countertops.

A cozy living room for sure, but what the heck is that guy in a panda suit doing there again?

Even more confusing is that the listing doesn’t make one mention of the panda-suited person.

If it was just one picture I could see it being a joke, but this guy is in almost every photo of the place.

Now I’m getting creeped out.

This might give me nightmares.

(via Reddit)

If you don’t believe these are real, I encourage you to head over and check out the listing for yourself. As of this writing, the panda-suited person still graces the majority of the photos.

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