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It Sure Does Look Like There’s A Ghost In This Real Estate Listing


Are you in the market for a new home? Well, if you are and you’re looking for a very interesting roommate, then you might want to check out this beautiful six bedroom, three bath home for sale in Granville, Massachusetts. This beautiful historic home was built in 1765 and comes with 37 acres of open meadows, woodlands, and even a pond to enjoy.

For just $650,000, it’s not even that bad of a deal. So what’s the catch?


Well, at least judging from the Zillow listing, the new owners of this house will be bunking with a ghost.

Redditor LincLoL‘s sister was browsing through the listing when she found something in one of the photos that shouldn’t have been there.

Can you see the ghostly silhouette of a woman in the doorframe?

Despite the appearance of this bizarre tenant, there is no mention of her on the listing page.

Still, I think sharing a house with one ghost is worth it for all that space! Six bedrooms? Count me in.

(via Reddit)

I guess it makes sense that the house would be haunted, since it was built so long ago. In fact, the new owners should feel lucky that there’s only one ghost hanging around!

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