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Real estate publication’s Trump tweet causes furious back-pedalling


The now deleted tweet was said to be in pretty poor taste and “out of touch.”
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Word to the social media wise: Not every topical segue is a smart one. Some are just wrong, and oddly classist.

Australian real estate publication Domain.com.au published a story Thursday that raised the notion that Donald Trump’s presidential win would be a good thing for local mansion owners. Retribution was swift and vicious.

The gist of the now-amended piece is that Australia’s luxury properties “do well in times of global uncertainty” and hooray, rich people can buy other rich people’s houses now.

The story, but especially the accompanying tweet, was met with the Twitter equivalent of a huge, collective eye-roll.

Detractors expressed everything from confusion, to annoyance, to disbelief.

The company responded to their most prominent detractors with template tweets, citing a realisation that the original tweet and headline were “inappropriate.”

The original headline still appears on Google when searched, of course.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The internet is forever.

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