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Ordinary-Looking Texas Home Is Most Viewed Real Estate Listing In The Country


If you’re someone who loves going through real estate sites and looking at all the dream homes out there (and there are a lot), then you’re probably familiar with the kinds of houses that tend to be popular.

Maybe they’re large, spacious estates, or maybe they’re cozy bungalows. Or maybe they’re just so strangely built that they can’t help but grab your attention. But whatever their size and style, they’re probably, well, in good shape.

However, sometimes a house becomes popular for all the wrong reasons.

That was the case with a $89,900 house for sale in Texas. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary one-story home, and is listed online as for sale “as is.” And in this case, “as is” is a very specific condition.

That’s because the three-bedroom, one-bath home is filled, in some places literally, with trash.

No one’s exactly sure how it came to be like this, but “fixer-upper” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Apparently someone didn’t get the memo about not messing with Texas.

Of course, that’s not to say that the house is a lost cause (at least, not yet). Maybe some very enterprising person will come along and turn it into a beautiful home once again.

But for now, the mounds of trash inside have caught the attention of thousands on the Internet.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

From here, this one-story home in Sanger, TX, looks pretty ordinary.

It’s selling for $89,900, which is considerably less than the average price of homes in the area.

With three bedrooms, one full and one half bathroom, a spacious yard, and a covered patio in the back, it seems strange that the house should be so cheap.

Online, the house is described as “being sold AS IS.”

Note the emphasis on “as is.”

That’s because with the house, comes all this.

This is one of several mounds of trash, mainly old beer cans and boxes that had piled up inside, apparently over some time.

It’s not clear exactly how long the house has been like this, but probably quite some time, judging by the cobwebs.

The rooms are full of all kinds of refuse, and it seems that someone or maybe several someones had been living in this house for some time, and simply allowed the trash to pile up.

It’s possible that they were squatting, which would explain why they didn’t have a way to have the trash removed, and wouldn’t put it outside for fear of being caught.

In one room, there’s a microwave and a bed, as well as a lot of canned food and more beer cans.

It’s also possible that this house has been empty for some time, and local kids might have used it as a place to party, and carelessly left their trash behind.

And the hallway floor is completely covered in crushed beer cans.

It’s truly pretty gross, but it’s always possible that someone whoreally likes fixer-uppers will swoop in and save the house from its current, sorry state.

With a serious cleaning and a few updates, the house could be a pleasant place to live.

But it would take a lot of work, probably a pretty strong stomach, and possibly a ventilator.

Do you think this house is worth fixing? What would you do to make it habitable again?

Many people have noted that a lot of the makeover budget could probably be collected on the recycling returns of all those cans alone!

Or do you think this is a lost cause?

Let us know in the comments, andSHARE this house with others to see what their ideas for a makeover might be!

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