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50 Simple Secrets To Be A Happy Real Estate Investor


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“Money & Success Masters”

Your Exclusive World-Class Seminar

Business • Investments • Inspiration • Career • Wealth Creation

The Money & Success Masters (MSM) is a two-day landmark event with Cayden Chang, Master of Value Investment, and other international speakers being held in Phnom Penh Cambodia. This event is designed to help existing-and future-business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, executives and managers, and interested individuals achieve outstanding results in an increasingly competitive world.

This is not just another conference or summit yet a unique experience of a lifetime to really take your business and career or to the next level.

In this 2-day Conference, You Will Discover the Money, Business, Strategies, Career and the meaning of being successful and wealthy!


1. Cayden Chang
Value Investing Master endorsed by Mary Buffett
Cayden Chang is a cancer survivor and took himself from broke to a millionaire. He is the Founder of Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy which is the only academy in Asia that runs the 1st and only Value Investing Programme that is endorsed and recommended by Mary Buffett.

His investment strategy is to invest in “emphasis,” which is a simple step everyone can take practical, then you are looking at “market” is a market on investment profits easily. With a view different from the others. Past entirely

His company is also the organizer of this World Value Investing Fest 2015 and Invest With Mary Buffett 2015.

Cayden has also been featured in a huge number of media which includes “TODAY” newspaper, ‘The Straits Times’, ‘938Live’ Radio Station, ‘The Edge’, ‘The Exquisite’, ‘Shareinvestment’ Magazine and Channel News Asia for sharing his secrets of financial success.

2. Lork Ouknha Kheng Cheng is a Founder & the Managing Director of CPL Cambodia Properties Limited
Mr. Kheng Cheng has brought the company to where it is today. A leader of the industry and a leader of his community, Kheng’s vision and foresight have created one of the top real estate companies in all of Cambodia. Kheng holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the National University of Management, specializing in management. He is also the 2013 President of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association. Kheng brings with him a large network of happy and satisfied local and international clients in the Cambodian real estate market.

Today, Kheng’s core business, CPL, has grown to 80 staff from the two or three people he worked with back in the dark days of Phnom Penh’s property market. But his work involves far more than buying and selling properties, and evaluating them.

3. Douglas Stevenson Ng
Adventurer at Adventures On A Thriving World
Douglas enjoys working with people and is inspired by possibilities and potential that he believes exist in the indomitable human spirit. He believes that life should be fully experienced, limits pushed and dreams taken to the extreme and loves to meet people who are driven by the same passion and energy.

4.Y.P Lai, National Director of BNI Thailand, Vietnam, Korea & Philippines.

Since 2002, Y.P. Lai has dedicated his life towards helping business owners in the ASEAN+ regions to grow their business in a positive and supportive environment through building long lasting meaningful business relationships with quality business professionals using BNI’s structured referral marketing program. Always warm and cheerful, Y.P. Is passionate about coaching and mentoring others to succeed in life. Presently he is the co-National Director for BNI Thailand, BNI Vietnam, BNI Korea and BNI Philippines.

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